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Good Governance Forum is the first and only think tank on governance in Pakistan that offers
fundraising advisory service for both non-profit and for-profit non-governmental organizations, commonly called NGOs,  to generate funds through governmental and non-governmental donor agencies to 
(a) start a new project
 (b) expand an existing project
(c) meet operational expenses of an existing project. 

There are over 120,000 donor agencies, including governmental and non-governmental, around the world. In addition to it, there are several portals for mobilizing funds from individual and institutional donors. 

We have the largest, most diversified and updated data on funding opportunities from donor agencies across the globe. We regularly circulate current funding opportunities among NGOs as well as post them on our blogs. We also interact with the donor agencies and the funding portals.

Fundraising Advisory Service on Fee Basis

We facilitate the NGOs to (a) identify the donor for their specific field of work, (b) facilitate the preparation of the concept note or the funding proposal as per requirements of the donor and (c) authenticate the relevant NGO and the concept note or funding proposal from our platform as a third party for the approval of the donor agency, if needed. We do not, however, guarantee the project will be approved, though we will facilitate the relevant NGO in completing the formalities for the approval of its project proposal and do our best to facilitate its approval.

Following is the laid down procedure for availing our fundraising advisory service:

1. The process of advisory service will start when we receive a written request from an NGO for availing our fundraising advisory service along with the payment of the non-refundable Registration Fee (Application Processing Fee) of Pak Rs 25,000 (Non Refundable) or the equivalent amount in USD.

2. The applying NGO will send us the Concept Note of its project. The Concept Note is normally a summary of the Project Proposal. The format can be viewed at

2. We will study the Concept Note to have a preliminary assessment of the proposed project and its applying NGO.

3. If there is more than one proposed project for which funding is desired, the non-refundable Registration Fee (Application Processing Fee) of Rs 25,000 will be charged separately for each project. 

4. The applying NGO will issue the Letter of Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of the Fundraising Advisory Service soon after the Registration Fee (Application Processing Fee) is paid.

5. We will charge 5% to 15% of the funds actually received by the applying NGO as our Fundraising Service Fee. Higher the funding amount, lower the percentage of our service fee. We will do our best to facilitate the applying NGO but cannot guarantee grant of funding and/or its time duration. That’s why we will take our Fundraising Service Fee ONLY after the funds have been disbursed to the applying NGO. 

Schedule of Fundraising Service Fee

15% of the donations up to Rs one million or equivalent in US dollars
10% of the donations above Rs one million but less than Rs 10 million or equivalent in US dollars
05% of the donations of Rs 10 million or above or equivalent in US dollars

6. The applying NGO will bear the expenses of airfare, accommodation and food, and local transport if any representative of the Good Governance Forum is required to visit the applying NGO, or any of its facilities anywhere in or outside Pakistan. 

7. The non-refundable Registration Fee (Application Processing Fee) of Rs 25,000 can be deposited in cash at any branch of our bank in Pakistan for online transfer to our account. Cheques are accepted in exceptional circumstances. Bank account details can be obtained by emailing to The foreign NGOs can remit the amount through wire transfer.

Fundraising Advisory Service on Retainership Basis

In case an NGO doesn't want to avail the Fundraising Advisory Service for project to project fundraising assignment, it can hire our services on retainership basis. We can organize the resource mobilization department of the NGO or set it up, if its not there, train the staff members and facilitate in raising funds from within and outside Pakistan.  The retainership is to be paid on month to month basis for as long as the NGO desires.

           Facilitation Service for Formation of NGOs in Pakistan

Good Governance Forum also facilitates social entrepreneurs in the formation of NGOs in Pakistan under the various legal framework options. These options can be viewed at and

Answers to FAQs

1. You can form a not-for-profit NGO and apply for funding on GlobalGiving. The NGO can be formed under the Companies Ordinance 1984 and the Societies Registration Act 1860. 

2. You can raise donations without forming an NGO for profit or no-profit at any of the relevant Crowdfunding platforms for the purpose of expanding your services, upgrading your facilities or providing quality services at low cost to your community etc.

The donors in both the cases (1) and (2) will be individuals, not institutions.

3. The donors look for (a) desirability of the project for the community where it is to be located (b) viability of the project to sustain for years to come and (c) professional competence of the project sponsors/management. 

4. Good Governance Forum can verify the NGO's credentials and plans to facilitate the approval of the project funding. Conditions apply.

5. Good Governance Forum charges separately for providing other services such as facilitation in the formation of NGO, lawyer's fee for the formation of the NGO, preparation of concept paper/proposal, designing of project profile to be posted on GlobalGiving and Crowdfunding platforms and the promotional activities to bring donors to the project post. There is NO binding to avail any of these functions from the forum. The project sponsors can do it without facilitation from the forum if they so like.

Good Governance Forum
Leading the Way to the Challenge of Change in Pakistan

Profile of Good Governance Forum

Who We Are

Good Governance Forum is the first and only interactive think tank on governance in Pakistan. It comprises over 12000 members from all walks of life including the advocates, businessmen, civil servants, diplomats, educationists, military officers, judges, parliamentarians and politicians, news agencies, NGOs, columnists and anchors, and corporate executives. It interacts with 600 NGOs and 400 media associates. It is well-connected with the representative bodies of overseas Pakistanis across the globe.

Good Governance Forum is registered as a civil society organization with the Dept of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA) of the United Nations. It was the first and only think tank in Pakistan to receive invitation from DESA for attending and speaking at the interactive MDG Summit at General Assembly in New York from 14-15 June 2010.
Good Governance Forum interacts with Amnesty International, Civil Society Watchdog, Asian Human Rights Commission, CIVICUS, Human Rights Watch, Committee to Protect Journalists, Transparency International, GlobalGiving, UN Foundation, World Bank Group, USAID and a score of trusts and foundations promoting human welfare around the world. It also does cause marketing for major national and international civil society and human welfare organizations around the world. 
What We Do
Our mission is to improve governance in Pakistan. We do research on key issues, compile our findings, make recommendations and send them to the competent authority for action. If they don't take action, we approach the Supreme Court for taking up the issue with the competent authority, wherever needed. We also initiate actions for suo motu notice from the Supreme Court or the High Court of the relevant province. 

We create blogs on specific issues and regularly post news, articles and reports on them to spread the message across the globe. We have several blogs on key issues and all of them receive visitors from around the world in large numbers.  These blogs also help researchers, columnists, talk show participants to update themselves on major issues.  

We circulate news, articles and reports among our members belonging to the various segments of our society. To avoid irritating spam, we circulate specific info to specific groups according to their field of interest. We receive info from 100+ sources from around the world including media, news agencies, think tanks, foundations, philanthropists, UN Foundation, United Nations etc.

We encourage discussion on key national and international issues on Good Governance Forum groups on Google and Yahoo! We are present on social media including the Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Technorati and Google+. 

We make press releases in and out of Pakistan on important issues. Off and on, our interviews are published in the print media or broadcast on the electronic media. We generally avoid being on the media and focus on our core functions.

We write comments on news, articles and reports published in the media in and out of Pakistan. You can find our comments in the largest Washington-based newspaper by searching for good governance forum.

We attend seminars, workshops, discussion forums as guest speakers or delegates. Good Governance Forum was probably the only civil society organization in Pakistan to be invited to the MDG Summit at General Assembly in New York in June 2010.

We maintain CM Punjab blog for general public. Over 300,000 people have so far visited the blog. All the complaints are directly forwarded to the Chief Minister Office and almost every genuine complaint receives redressal.

We regularly interact with the parliamentarians, civil society activists, civil and military officers, judges, diplomats, scholars, NGOs and media.

We support our patrons, advisors, contributors and members through our network in their careers, professions and businesses as well as genuine issues with the district, provincial and the federal governments. 

Who Finance Us

We have maintained integrity, honesty and sincerity of purpose since we started our work in March 2007. We do not seek or accept funds from government, political parties, and special interest groups to maintain our independence, dignity and impartiality. We operate with funds from our advertisers, individual donors and members as well as our diverse marketing services for individuals and organizations.

Who Support Us

Patrons, Advisors, Contributors and Members

Patrons:                       Individuals who donate Rs 500,000 in a year.

Advisors:                     Individuals who donate Rs 250,000 in a year.

Contributors:              Individuals who donate Rs 150,000 in a year.

Full Members:             Individuals who register as full members pay Rs 10,000 in a year.

Associate Members: 

     Retired persons who are not employed after retirement, senior citizens who are employed but cannot afford to pay for full membership, and the working women pay Rs 2500 per year.
       Teachers of recognized institutions pay Rs 1500 per year.
      Male students of recognized institutions pay Rs 1000 per year while the female students of recognized institutions pay Rs 500 per year.

Honorary Members:

Individuals who are specialists of their fields or engaged in public service and can contribute to the national mission of the Good Governance Forum in any acceptable manner can be admitted as honorary members without payment of the membership fee at the sole discretion of the chairman of the Good Governance Forum.

Advisory Committee Members:

Office-bearers of the central and the provincial advisory committees pay the fee of Rs 10,000 while the members pay Rs 5000. Membership of each committee is restricted to individuals who are specialists of their fields and can contribute to reforms in their specialized field.

Organizational Members:

1    NGOs, charities and trusts who register as organizational members pay Rs 25,000 (A-category), Rs 15,000 (B-category) and 10,000 (C-category) in a year.

      Service providers pay Rs 25,000 in a year.

      Other commercial organizations pay Rs 50,000 per year.

Advisory Committees and Goodwill Ambassadors

Good Governance Forum is forming Central Advisory Committees and Provincial Advisory Committees on major national issues to help improve working of the government from the district to the federal levels and to help solve people's problems at all levels in the country.
Good Governance Forum is appointing Goodwill Ambassadors within and outside  Pakistan from amongst well-known personalities to promote the forum and its mission and help solve people’s problems through their network. Overseas Pakistanis are encouraged to join as our Goodwill Ambassadors for looking after the interests of the overseas Pakistanis living in their countries.

Details can be viewed at and

Our Special Services

We provide a variety of services against a modest fee to

(a) facilitate fundraising by NGOs
(b) post jobs on our blogs
(c) post write-ups on our blogs
(d) circulate news, articles and reports in our network of members and associates
(e) promote blogs of individuals and organizations

Details can be obtained by emailing

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Funding through GlobalGiving & United Nations Foundation

GlobalGiving homepage

GlobalGiving is a charity fundraising portal that gives social entrepreneurs and non-profits from

anywhere in the world a chance to raise the money that they need to improve their communities. 

Since 2002, GlobalGiving has raised $93,543,745 from 344,158 donors who have supported 8,702 projects.

Good Governance Forum is qualified to facilitate a project for fundraising through GlobalGiving. If you have got a project for which you need funds, join us to facilitate you in qualifying for funding through GlobalGiving. 

Projects in Pakistan funded through GlobalGiving

Connecting You with the United Nations

The United Nations was established to foster global peace, prosperity and justice. It has succeeded in its fundamental mission of preventing a third world war and improving global quality of life. But over the last 60 years, the UN’s mission and membership have been broadened dramatically. 

The UN is now asked to tackle the world’s most intractable problems—global scale challenges that transcend borders but directly or indirectly affect us all: health, the environment, human rights and justice, peace and security, population, hunger and peacekeeping. The UN has a proud record of accomplishment in helping address key global challenges. 
In today’s interconnected world, governments working through the United Nations can’t do it alone. A worldwide partnership between the public and private sectors is needed involving individuals, non-governmental organizations, corporations and foundations.

UN Foundation works with UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and the UN Office of Partnerships to connect people, ideas and resources with the UN to solve the great global challenges of the 21st century. 

Good Governance Forum is qualified to facilitate a project for fundraising through UN Foundation. If you have got a project for which you need funds, join us to facilitate you in qualifying for funding through UN Foundation.


In addition to GlobalGiving and the UN Foundation, there are several other donor agencies operating or funding NGOs in Pakistan such as the USAID, Oxfam International, Acumen, Muslim Aid, Save the Children, Action Aid, Islamic Relief, Concern Worldwide, etc. 

Complete List can be viewed at

by Good Governance Forum

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